Sunday, 2 February 2014

Let's talk about transition - YOUR transition!

I have teamed up with a professional photographer ( and I have interest from a publishing house ( to help make this work.

I am now looking for volunteers who are happy to talk to me about their transition out of the Forces:
  • You might have left a long time ago, settled in a new job - or not;
  • You might be in the process of leaving, not knowing how to "sell" yourself;
  • You might have an injury or disability and aren't sure how a potential employer will react;
  • Your transition might have been successful, but you remember all too well what made you struggle.
Whatever your story is - I would like to hear it. I will try to sum it up in a few key sentences - I know it won't do it justice. But my aim is to get the message across to others.

I want to have your photos taken because people remember pictures better than words.

The collection of stories and faces will then - that's the plan - be sent to HR professionals in organisations which have not yet signed up to the Covenant. With a bit of luck, this could help you directly. But it will also help spread the word about what people like you can contribute and how we can all help Service leavers make the transition.

If you cannot connect with me via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn - then please email me:

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  1. Apologies that the email address I've set up didn't seem to work initially.
    That should be sorted now.